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Hummingbird Confections​

835 Mortimer Avenue 

Callender, Iowa 50523


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Have you ever had something fall into your lap when you least expected it? That is kind of how Hummingbird Confections started. Back in 2012 I was working part-time and attending college full-time. I would bring treats into work on occasion and they must have been a hit because I started to get some casual orders here and there. After a few orders I realized that I really loved created new desserts and decorating cakes so I thought I would come up with a name for this little side "business" and make some cash on the side.

The reason I came up with Hummingbird Confections for the name is that I wanted to have something that was meaningful and paid tribute to both of my grandmas who impacted my life greatly. Hummingbird represents my Grandma Espeland. Although she passed away early on in my life, she still had a great impact on who I am. She was a very loving and caring person and I am very thankful for the time I had with her. Confections stands for my Grandma Barrett who taught me many things in the kitchen. She would encourage me to try new things and we would always have a blast in the kitchen making all sorts of cookies and other yummy desserts. I am very thankful for both of these women and the love they gave me.

Now that you know how Hummingbird Confections was  born I will give you a little more background on myself. I graduated from Saint Edmond in 2010 and went on to Iowa Central to get a degree in Ag Technology and Business. After completing Iowa Central I also received a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Management at Buena Vista. Early on in my college career I had all intentions of becoming an agronomist. After many forks in the road and a few job changes I decided that operating my bakery full-time was what I was meant to do. In 2016, after the birth of my son Mason I quit my full-time job and went head-on into my new career path which leads us to where I am today.

I am very blessed to be where I am today. Without the support and encouragement from those very first orders, my family, and my friends, I know I wouldn't have gotten to the point I am today. I have a great support system behind this one woman show. My husband, Josh is my go to for late night runs to the grocery store, emotional support when I am at my wits end, and encouragement in all things I do. My mom Shelley is my right hand helper when it comes to vendor shows and wedding deliveries. She offers amazing advise and I don't know what I would do without her help on all those crazy deliveries. My dad Steve is there to help when I have definitely bit off more than I can chew. Lets just say he is very good at organizing chaos and putting liners in cupcake tins. He also has helped to deliver on occasion and I am very thankful for that. Overall I have an amazing family that helps me whenever I need it. Without them, this crazy venture would not be possible. I love you all!

With Love and Sprinkles,

Kaitlyn Stewart

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